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We are currently forming an intervener group which, if ready
in time, will be present and involved in the MEPA (Massachusetts Environmental Policy
Act) and EFSB (Energy facilities Siting Board) evidence process. Please see the
documents provided here and know that you will be very involved in helping
Hudson stay whole for another 150 years. It is also very important to be
present and vocal at all Hudson Board of Selectmen meetings as well as Hudson
Conservation Commission meetings. Those 2 entities will have a huge effect on
this project and are the only local or state government bodies that currently
do not oppose the MBTA ROW as a possible route for this Eversource Energy

Summaries of
intervener role 1

Summaries of
intervener role 2

Overview of MEPA

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  • Educate yourselves and attend every Hudson Board of Selectmen Meetings as well as conservation committee meetings and oppose this project.
  • This is the largest project ever brought into Hudson by an outside entity and our town government does not want us to know about this. Fact!
  • (Eversource proposal)
  • (powerline health effects)
Please write, email or call your government officials: