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Some more propaganda from Eversource. If they stood by these claims, we wouldn't have a problem here. The governmnet of Mass and this utility need to put this conduit under the road. That seems to be something we can all agree on. ... See MoreSee Less

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EFSB/Eversource hearing in Hudson scheduled for June 1 at 7:00pm at Hudson High. Go to:


This link will access the EFSB docket site. Go to "our" project and cut and paste the docket number. Just another thousand plus pages to read and understand added to the thousand plus we got about a week ago. All designed to sacrafice our towns on the alter of corporate greed with poor forsight by all elected officials.
Just a taste here to let it sink in

" The Company also respectfully requests comprehensive
exemptions from the Zoning Bylaws. The Department has recognized that
comprehensive zoning relief is appropriate in circumstances where, as here,
individual exemptions are required and the issuance of a comprehensive
exemption could avoid substantial public harm by serving to prevent delay in the
construction and operation of needed utility infrastructure".

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Eversource wants to "avoid substantial public harm" by delaying this project and believes that ignoring all town and state zoning and conservation laws and by-laws will keep us safe.
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Eversource is ready to file with MEPA

Eversource has notified the Hudson Board of Selectman that they are ready to file their plan for an underground route along MBTA right of way to Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) Board.  This submission will open 20 day window for public input to MEPA through an assigned representative. Please continue to follow our Facebook page for further information.

At the Hudson Board of Selectman meeting on April 24th, they stated that town supports under the road option rather than the MBTA.

The Energy Facilities Siting Board (EFSB), the decision making body which decides whether this Eversource project will go forward, comes to Hudson

On Thursday, June 1, 2017 beginning at 7:00 p.m.

for a Public Hearing. Eversource will be present at this hearing, and it’s the community’s chance make its voice heard.

Come share your concerns, ask questions and make sure the EFSB understands how misguided Eversource’s project proposal is.

Description of the public comment hearing summarized from the EFSB website: The public comment hearing provides an opportunity to learn about the proposed project and its potential environmental impacts. It also allows EFSB Staff to learn about the public’s concerns. At the public comment hearing, the applicant (i.e. Eversource) presents an overview of their proposal. Public officials and the public then have an opportunity to ask questions and make comments about the proposal. The public comment hearing is recorded by a court reporter.

There is also a notice of the EFSB’s web page under the Sudbury to Hudson Docket (, Eversource’s filing is docket number EFSB17-02

Here is the direct link to the notice of hearing:

For more information regarding the filing, please visit www.protectsudbury.org/efsb-filing/

Eversource Energy wants to build an 8.9 mile long, 115 thousand volt, 80 foot wide, 70+ foot high, line of high tension powerlines from central Sudbury to Hudson Light and Power on Forest Ave in Hudson, MA

This project, billed as a “power upgrade”, will follow the abandoned MBTA rail line on Rte. 20 in Sudbury and will head west, abutting small businesses and 350+ families’ homes. It then enters the Assabet Valley Wildlife Refuge, 1 of only 4 federal wildlife refuges in MA and into the Marlboro State Forest, 1 of only 70 state forests in MA. It then enters Hudson and passes scores of families’ homes as it crosses White Pond Rd, Parmenter Rd and Main St near Kane Industrial Park. It then heads towards downtown Hudson where it will be connected to Hudson Light and Power.

Please read the most recent proposal by Eversource Energy as well as the initial Northeast Utilities Greater Boston study solution. You will realize that this has been in the planning stage for years with no input from stakeholders. Eversource Energy states that ‘Hudson town representatives” were met with and shown this proposed project in early 2015. The public was made aware February 2016. Eversource Energy constantly states that they have “sought community input and listened to stakeholders”. They have never done either. The current proposal by Eversource Energy is so flawed and packed with false information it is shocking.

Current project proposal

Transmission Projects

This project, as proposed, will result in property devaluation which will affect the tax assessment for the whole town. Thus affecting budgets for all Town of Hudson entities. Police, Fire, schools, DPW ect. The immediate environmental destruction, possible detrimental health effects and long term blight will be the legacy left by Eversource Energy, local, state and federal government and all entities that would allow this to happen. We as abutters, residents, and all who cherish these forests and our rural town must stop this from happening by organizing against this project, labeled “The Sudbury to Hudson Transmission Reliability Project”.

It is important to know that this project is surveyed to pass directly over ALL of Hudson’s watershed protection districts. It is certain that if the MBTA right of way (ROW) is the site for this utility route. Herbicides will be sprayed directly on the ground where the towers or trench (possible underground installation) is located. As you can see in the included Hudson watershed protection map, herbicides will be sprayed directly over al aquafers in Hudson!

Hudson watershed protection map

Mass DEP assesment of Hudson water

We are thankful for their support. Click on the image to see the support letter.
April 24th Board of Selectman’s Meeting

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Upcoming Meetings:

Board of Selectman’s meeting – May 1st at 7 PM at Hudson High School

May 15th  at 7 PM at Town hall

You can find more events on the town calendar – Town of Hudson Meeting Calendar